About Us

Our Story

Located in Dallas, Texas, BAO Consulting is a consulting firm that provides businesses with Finance and Accounting Advisory Services.

Ben Amstein and Allen Orgeron founded BAO Consulting. Both Ben and Allen come from previous consulting roles, and in their times together, they would always talk about the consulting business model. In these conversations, they quickly realized they had the network, the business acumen, the knowledge base (Ben in private equity and Allen in manufacturing), and synergy to be an unstoppable team. All that was left to do was take the leap.

In January 2021, they were presented with the opportunity to start BAO Consulting when a marketing company approached them. The company was in the middle of being acquired by a public company and needed assistance with the transaction. After this two-month project, Ben and Allen were hooked and all-in.

Our Mission

At BAO Consulting, our mission is to offer simplified solutions for complex issues, particularly in accounting and finance. 

Our Vision

BAO Consulting aims to build an enduring financial consulting firm sought out because of our reputation for providing a comprehensive range of professional services. This will contribute to the extension and expansion of our industry. We are devoted to earning and maintaining the confidence and trust of our clients. Furthermore, we desire to build a culture that attracts like-minded individuals drawn to the opportunity of working with us and sharing in on our business’s success.

The services offered by BAO Consulting include technical accounting, options, audit assistance, financial forecasting, and any back-office accounting function from AP Coordinator to the fractional CFO work. Our clients can rely on us for proper and knowledgeable advice on business issues at various stages.

BAO Consulting desires to grow by bringing individuals with common goals and work ethics onboard that desire to take hold of their work lives.

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